Exhibitor Testimonials


As a result of participating in BrideCityShows.com bridal shows, our exposure in the market to the Brides and wedding professionals has increased tremendously. The bridal show is a fun, fast-paced atmosphere that is a key part of our business. If you want to increase your wedding business, it’s a no-brainer…See ya at the show!!

Thank you we have had an overwhelming response to our booth we have already booked 7 weddings this week from the show. Thank you for putting on such a great show.

My favorite part about the Bride City shows is getting to meet so many potential clients in one place. With other forms of advertising, you hope that your marketing reaches the audience that’s looking for you, but at the shows, you know that the majority or people there are your intended audience and they’re actively seeking out your services. If you are considering participating in a bridal show I’d say definitely join the show. It’s a great way to meet new brides, share what’s unique about your services and network with other talented wedding professionals.

We have been an exhibitor at the BrideCityShows for 7 years and they always do a great job at getting brides through the door and advertising the show. As a vendor I’ve never left disappointed in the turnout, and we always receive deposits and plenty of quality leads on the day of the show. Michael and Angela are engaging with vendors and are quick to resolve any issues quickly and fairly. Michael has even provided some good ideas on enhancing our booth space and “first impression” that we continue to use today. The BrideCityShows bridal shows have been an important part to our success in the Midlands, and we always look forward to being a part of their shows.

Thankful for all the beautiful brides that stopped by our booth today at the the WNOK Bridal Expo. There were more than 475 brides at the show…it was a busy day. Look forward to posting pictures of our booth in the next several days…thanks so much for your wonderful support.

As a result of participating in BrideCityShows bridal shows, we’ve had the opportunity to expand our business. The cost per lead is cheaper than any other advertising I have tried, and they are high quality leads.

Bridal shows give us a chance to start new relationships with clients and it also give us the opportunity to continue networking with other wedding professionals. Participating in BrideCityShows.com bridal shows has become vital to the success of my business.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for putting on a really wonderful bridal show ~ I know we all were not sure what was going to happen 🙂 but I also think we were all blown away with the response! Seems many people pushed it and advertisement was great!! I think exhibitors really got in to it too with great booths!

Thank you so much for all your hard work (which I am sure is more than any of us will ever know), and we look forward to next year’s ‘first show of the year’!!

My favorite part of the show is seeing how brides and couple react to and experience our photography. They will tell you right there what is important to them and what isn’t. You can quickly see who is a good fit for us and why. Having participated in BrideCityShows.com bridal shows, I have a deeper understanding of how brides make decisions related to choosing professionals for their wedding.

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